See how well you age by transforming your face using AI – 100% free and privacy-friendly.


Extrapolate is an app for you to see how well you age by transforming your face with Artificial Intelligence. 100% free and privacy friendly.


  • 3s GIF of your face as it ages through time 🧓
  • Email notification when the GIF is ready (via Replicate webhook callback)
  • Store & retrieve photos from Cloudflare R2 using Workers
  • Photos auto-delete after 24 hours (via Upstash qStash)

One-click Deploy

You can deploy this template to Vercel with the button below:

Deploy with Vercel

Note that you'll need to set up a ReplicateHQ account and Upstash account to get the required environment variables.

You'll also need to create a Cloudflare R2 instance and set up a Cloudflare Worker to handle uploads & reads (will add more instructions on this soon).